Nervous Investors buy gold

New Dublin bullion firm’s virus gold-rush

– Nigel Doolin, Head of Trading at Core Bullion Traders.

A new Dublin-based bullion seller has shifted over 25 kilos of gold – close to its annual target – in its first three weeks of business as nervous investors buy gold.

Core Bullion Traders founder Nigel Doolin said his timing to open the Francis Street physical gold-selling business “could not have been better.” Core Bullion Traders has seen a rush of nervous investors buying into the precious metal as the global pandemic took hold.

“We’ve exceeded anything that we thought we would do. Core Bullion Traders reached just over 70pc of its yearly target in our first three weeks,” said Doolin. Doolin has been dealing in gold for a decade and was previously head of trading with Merrion Gold, a business he headed up from inception seven years ago.

He told the Sunday Independent that a wide range of Irish-based investors have invested with Core Bullion Traders. From experienced punters looking to make a return as the gold price rises, to multinational expats. Investors looking to protect their high earnings – had spent more than €2m on Core’s gold bars. See more products at

Before the crisis, gold was selling for about €1,340 an ounce. It is currently at €1,400 but has peaked at over €1,550 in recent weeks, its highest rate ever, said Doolin. In turbulent times, gold has proven to be a safe-haven investment option. Gold is a good diversifier during market dips, since it enjoys a very low correlation with other asset classes such as equity and debt.

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