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Read on for your snapshot of this weeks markets with a roundup of Gold Bullion Prices, Products and News.

Gold Prices This Week:

Monday saw Gold and copper prices fall almost to their lowest levels in a month, coming under pressure from a stronger dollar as rising U.S. inflation pushed up concerns over higher interest rates.

On Tuesday, Seasonal weakness in gold prices, mixed with a stronger U.S. dollar, and higher real yields are expected to weigh on gold prices in the near future. Prices have some initial support at the €1,760 level, but could potentially decline toward €1,755 for the remainder of the month.

On Wednesday The gold market was holding the line at session lows as the U.S. housing market construction numbers look to stabilize. However, analysts at the Australian-based bank ANZ said that despite short-term selling pressure, they are maintaining their bullish medium to long-term outlook on the precious metal with predicted record highs pushed out to Q1 2024.

Thursday Gold prices steadied in Asian trade on Thursday, and were coming off the back of three days of losses as hawkish signals from the Federal Reserve boosted the dollar and heralded more near-term pain for the metal.

On Friday, Gold saw a slight recovery but this was ultimately short-lived as the metal finished the day down on the week.  Although prospects for next week do not indicate a full-blown reversal in the precious yellow metal, a price reversal looks likely but we will have to wait to see if there is follow-through bullish market sentiment moving gold off its recent lows.

Gold Price Summary….The Low-down:

A mixed week again for gold and precious metals in general. Gold regained some composure at the end of the week as the dollar and bond yields eased but remained on course for a third straight weekly dip as strong U.S. economic data reinforced bets that the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates elevated. Ultimately, the medium-term outlook for gold is set to be influenced by Powell’s highly anticipated speech at Jackson Hole next week. In the meantime, $1,900 remains a key level of interest. Starting the week on €1,747/oz and ending on €1,736/oz is not the greatest of weeks – but also not the worst – when you consider that this ‘bad’ week still only means a fall of just over half-%.

General Markets Summary:

Stocks retreat for third consecutive week: Stocks were broadly lower as sentiment appeared to take a blow from a sharp increase in longer-term bond yields and fears of a sharp slowdown in China. The S&P 500 Index ended the week down 5.15% from its July 26 intraday peak. 

• European Stocks: In local currency terms, the pan-European STOXX Europe 600 Index fell 2.34% on intensifying concerns about the outlook for China’s economy and the prospect of a prolonged period of higher European interest rates. Major stock indexes also weakened. France’s CAC 40 Index slid 2.40%, Germany’s DAX lost 1.62%, and Italy’s FTSE MIB gave up 1.81%. The UK’s FTSE 100 Index dropped 3.48%.

UK wage growth surprisingly strong, and core inflation quickens: UK wage growth accelerated, increasing the pressure on the Bank of England (BoE) to raise interest rates further. Average weekly earnings (excluding bonuses) climbed 7.8% in the three months through June—up from 7.4% in the three months through May. Signs of cooling in the labour market also emerged. The unemployment rate rose more than expected to 4.2% sequentially from 3.9% in the previous three months.

• China – Home Prices Fall for First Time in 2023: More evidence of a property market downturn weighed on the outlook for a key sector of China’s economy. New home prices in 70 of China’s largest cities fell 0.23% in July from June, when they declined for the first time this year.

The wider outlook for Gold:

What is Next for The Gold Price?

Gold prices initially surged to €1,860+ between March and May this year due to concerns about the US banking industry’s meltdown. However, these fears were not fully realized, and the crisis was contained before major damage occurred.

The Current Focus: Currently, gold traders are primarily concerned with the Federal Reserve’s actions regarding interest rates, given the successful containment of inflation. Despite worries about rising US inflation due to increased oil prices, a recent US Consumer Price Index (CPI) reading came in below expectations. This unexpected result bolstered trader optimism and suggested that the Fed’s stance on monetary policy may remain unchanged. Market sentiment leans towards a single, potential rate hike in November of this year. While we feel that the Fed is likely to keep interest rates steady, particularly if inflation doesn’t surpass market predictions, this could lead to a decrease in the dollar index, benefiting the price of gold.

Price Analysis: Analysing the price movements, gold traders are closely monitoring the critical level of $1,900. As the gold price nears this threshold, concerns arise that breaching it could trigger a significant sell-off. There’s a possibility that the price might dip below the support level of $1,900, leading to a new support level at $1,850. The upcoming release of the Fed Minutes this week adopted a somewhat dovish tone, as certain members of the Fed have already suggested that US interest rates have peaked. Any comments that continue to be dovish or less hawkish could provide price support. Therefore, if the price does drop below the $1,900 mark, many traders could view it as an opportunity to acquire gold at discounted prices.


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