Core Bullion Traders Awarded as Perth Mint Certificate Program Distributor.

Dublin firm Core Bullion Traders has been announced as one of only three European distributors for the Perth Mint Certificate Program.

Central Banks Add 84 Tonnes to Gold Reserves.

Global central bank gold reserves rose by over 84 Tonnes during a turbulent first quarter of 2022, reports the World Gold Council.

How the Russia/Ukraine Conflict is Affecting the Markets.

Setting aside the obvious outrage that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused, we look at how this conflict is affecting the markets.

The History of Gold

Voluminous tomes have been written about Gold and the history of gold. So, we thought we would do what we always do....simplify everything!

Gold and Inflation Explained

There is a correlation between inflation and gold, as gold can be lifted by high inflation....

Irish Gold Bars On Sale

Core Bullion Traders are delighted to be the only Authorised Retailer of Dublin Assay Office branded Gold Bullion Bars...

What Size Gold Bar to Buy

What size gold bar to buy, is a question we are often asked by those buying gold for investment. There are a number of factors to consider

Gold Price Review & Outlook for 2021

Each month we will bring you the most up-to-date Macroeconomic information and Gold market news....

Monthly Review & Outlook - November 2020

Each month we will bring you the most up-to-date Macroeconomic information and Gold market news....

How Will The US Election Result Affect The Gold Price?

As the US election looms large, we give you lowdown on how the result will likely affect the price of Gold.

Monthly Review & Outlook - Oct 2020

Each month we will bring you the most up-to-date Macroeconomic information and Gold market news....

When Is The Right Time To Buy 1 Kilo Gold Bars?

The right time to buy 1 Kilo Gold bars takes careful consideration. There are a number of factors you should be aware of, and think about carefully before buying 1 Kilo Gold bars...

WATCH VIDEO - Reasons to buy Gold....

There are many reasons to buy gold - take a look at our guide...

The 5 Best Gold Coins To Buy

What are the best gold coins to buy? Although buying gold coins should only be considered in certain circumstances, if you do decide to buy gold coins we’ve put together the following list of the best 5 to buy.

Gold Breaking All Records.

Gold is breaking all records, having just broken through the $1,955/oz barrier (€1,665/oz). With the precious metal up 25% year-to-date (and still rising!), will it continue to break records this week?

The Great Gold Price Prediction

At time of writing, gold has just broken through the key $1,800/oz barrier. So what is the gold price prediction and how do we try to predict that price?

Gold Bullion Testing & Purity

A question we are frequently asked here at Core Bullion Traders is “What purity is the gold you sell?”...

How To Sell Your Gold

When the time comes for you to sell your gold bullion or coin, how do you do it? Like all trading ...

What is The LBMA?

The London Bullion Market Association - known simply as The LBMA - was established ...

WATCH VIDEO - 1oz South African Gold Coins - 'The BIG 5'....

Take a 'sneak-peek' at the latest South African Mint 1oz Gold Coins...
How much to invest in gold

How Much To Invest In Gold

How much to invest in Gold will depend on a number of variables. You need to consider where the price ....
Nervous Investors buy gold

New Dublin bullion firm's virus gold-rush

A new Dublin-based bullion seller has shifted over 25 kilos of gold - close to its annual target - in its first...
Advice on when to buy gold blog post

Advice On When To Buy Gold

“When should I buy Gold?”….a simple question, often asked. The answer, although it requires some decisive action...
Gold bullion bars laid out

The Importance of a Strong Supply Chain

Core Bullion Traders is in a very privileged place - we have a strong and (still) fully functioning supply chain.
Floor trader gold prices fluctuate

Turbulent Times For Investing in Gold

There is no doubt we are in turbulent times - COVID-19 has resulted in major shocks on stock markets while gold prices reach all-time high.
Gold continues to hit all time highs

Gold Price Rising - Time to Buy?

As gold continues to hit all time highs (at time of writing) investors and market commentators worldwide are all agreeing on one thing: it...
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Buying Gold - Coins V Bars

One of the questions most investors ask when getting into gold is: Should I buy coins or Bars?
Buying or selling gold from a gold trader

How To Buy Gold

Buying Gold and investing in the physical precious metal has continued to be a good...