How To Sell Your Gold

– Nigel Doolin, Head of Trading at Core Bullion Traders.

When the time comes for you to sell your gold bullion or coin, how do you sell your gold?  Like all trading at Core Bullion Traders, we try to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

If you are selling to a gold trading company, there are specific questions you should ask before selling:

• What percentage premium will you be charged? – this varies from company to company so you need to know this to ensure you are happy that you are getting a good deal.

• Is the gold tested on-site? – All reputable gold trading companies will have on-site testing equipment – here at Core Bullion Traders, we have an 8-Level testing setup which ensures all gold which comes through Core Bullion Traders is tested to the industry’s highest standards.

• Is there any cost for testing? – You should be made aware of any and all costs associated with selling your gold to any company prior to carrying out a sale. 

Once you are happy with the above answers from the company you are selling to, you should proceed ensuring that you are receipted for every step in the transaction.

3-Step Process at Core Bullion Traders

At Core Bullion Traders we simplify the process into 3-steps as follows:

  1. Deliver your gold for sale to our high-security facility, where you will be receipted for your items for sale. You will be informed of the premium at this stage.
  2. We test your items using non-invasive methods, additionally there is NO charge for testing.  Once the products test as they should, we will issue you with our offer.
  3. Once you accept our offer the funds will be transferred to your account via EFT.

No Obligation

You are under no obligation to sell to us until such time as you have accepted our price and agreed same in writing via email, or through our recorded call acceptance method.

We look forward to dealing with you at Core Bullion Traders.

Nigel Doolin is Head of Trading at Core Bullion Traders – A gold trading company based in Dublin, Ireland – he can be contacted directly at: or Tel: +353 (0)1 447 5975